Californian Surf Art by Rick Rietveld.

Rietveld {RÈÈT-VÈLD} - The ability to deal creatively with reality.


You’ve seen Rick Rietveld’s bizarre artwork in magazines and posters for years, American Indians riding sharks, beautiful mermaid creatures, even Albert Einstein on vacation in Hawaii. Since his days as the creative force behind the scenes for the Maui and Sons apparel line in the 1980’s, Rick Rietveld has become an icon in the art world’s surfing subculture. His work has always been imitated but never replicated. His body of work is impressive, the style unmatched and the ideas often not of this world.


Now you can purchase this iconic artwork on our range t-shirts and hoodies, with some of the highest quality printing available to really bring the artwork to life as Rick intended. 

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